My name is Craig Burnham. I live in Virginia. It’s my desire to start sharing some of my photography and other visual creations. I like playing around while processing my photos. I also like playing around with Gimp and other programs. I’m still learning about processing. In school we made adjustments to TIFFs using Photoshop. I shoot to RAW now and use Darktable and Gimp.

Aside from just sharing, I have other reasons for creating this blog. I want to challenge myself to get out there and do more. I have severe depression and anxiety which can make things difficult. The motivation, energy, even the interest just aren’t always there. Having something to push me even a little would be very helpful.

Also, I want to start paying more attention to composition and how my photos can be improved by cropping. I’ve always tried to crop while shooting. That’s not always possible and it doesn’t always work out.

I’m going to start by going back to last year. I’ve been doing a series on water, motion and color. Thank you for taking a look.